Dear colleague,

If you are representing a National or local Emergency Medicine student organization, then we invite you to join the growing network of those who are committed to promote and improve the field of Emergency Medicine among medical students internationally. 

With an ISAEM membership, you will be joining a highly motivated network of international students eager to advance the field of Emergency Medicine (EM) across the globe.

Below is a list of specific benefits you are eligible to receive as a member of ISAEM:

ISAEM keeps you updated on EM worldwide

  • Learn about upcoming EM events and gatherings
  • Find out what your colleagues are working on abroad
  • Obtain access and contribute to documents like the ISAEM’s International EM Conferences Database
  • Receive annual reports and internal updates about our organization’s projects from the ISAEM President

ISAEM helps you develop your international EM network

  • Join ISAEM on the Slack (must download the FREE app) for daily communications with all ISAEM members and groups
  • Gain unrestricted access to the new ISAEM website
  • Represent ISAEM at national or international conferences
  • Receive invitations to ISAEM conferences and events, as well as the ISAEM General Assembly (every other year)

ISAEM advances your professional interests and experiences

  • Help us develop a large and well-recognized international EM exchange program
  • Apply to travel, send, or receive medical students on Clinical or Research exchanges around the world
  • Become eligible for election to the ISAEM Executive Board, National Ambassador positions, Task Forces, etc.
  • Receive member discounts to specific medical textbooks, journals, and other academic resources

ISAEM encourages each member’s unique needs and interests

  • Speak directly to your National Ambassador, or any ISAEM member and let them know how our organization can support you
  • Write about your work for Emergency Physicians International (EPI) journal and we will submit your piece to the editors for publication
  • Translate, share, and obtain popular FOAM (Free Open Access Medical education) resources into any language and receive acknowledgment for your work
  • Find new ideas or share your own with EM Interest Groups around the world

As a member of ISAEM, you can help advance the field of Emergency Medicine wherever you are.

And the best part – it’s all FREE!

We would be proud to call you a member of our team and look forward to working with you.


The ISAEM Executive Board

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