Aim of ISAEM


What-is-the-PURPOSE-of-your-business-anywayISAEM wishes to create an association between all the Emergency Medicine student-organizations around the world and thereby increase the interest of Emergency Medicine among all medical students internationally.  Furthermore, our goals are:

  • To promote and encourage the international collaboration and cooperation between national or local medical student organization for Emergency Medicine.
  • To be recognized as the international voice of medical students for emergency medical care.
  • To promote and encourage education, training and research in Emergency Medicine among medical students.
  • To promote and facilitate the dissemination of information in Emergency Medicine among medical students, through annual meetings, publications, emails,website etc.
  • Arrange or sponsor meetings, lectures, seminars, symposia or conferences, to promote understanding in Emergency Medicine and related subjects.
  • Give grants to medical students to acknowledge their work and interest of Emergency Medicine 
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