Editors: Lucas Oliveira J. e Silva and Hélène Morakis

Episode #1 – “Online Tools for Medical Students interested in Emergency Medicine”

ISAEM is very eager to announce that we are debuting a podcast series geared towards medical students interested in Emergency Medicine. We are passionate about the FOAMed community and the way fans of Emergency Medicine connect online in various ways. For this reason, our first episode is called “Online Tools for Medical Students Interested in Emergency Medicine.”

This podcast is also available on Docquity, the Asia’s fastest growing network for medical professionals. For those who haven’t heard of Docquity, it’s a medical social network offering continuing medical education. It is available on both Apple Store and Google Play! 

Our perfect guest to chat about this topic with us is Dr. Daniel Cabrera, Emergency Physician working at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota (US). His special interest/expertise include graduate medical education, clinical decision making and medical cognition. He was recently named the new Associate Dean for Continuous Professional Development at the Mayo Clinic.

This episode’s agenda is:

  1. Online platforms in Emergency Medicine;
  2. Three things you can learn from online tools in Emergency Medicine;
  3. Five tips for new Social Media users.

Online platforms in Emergency Medicine

Why medical students who are interested in EM should start using online platforms like podcasts, twitter and/or blogs?

Takeaways from Dr. Cabrera:

  1. Don’t throw away your textbooks! FOAMed is user-generated and thus will have gaps. Instead, use FOAMed to enhance your classroom/textbook learning.
  2. “FOAMed is social constructivism”


3 things you can learn from online tools in Emergency Medicine

Lucas thinks that there are 3 main benefits to using online tools:

  1. Point-of-care resources: checking something at the bedside or on shift;
  2. Closing the KT gap (ie, shortening the lag between new evidence and implementing said evidence in medical practice);
  3. Learning more about the EM mindset.

Dr. Cabrera has helped us on listing some of the useful resources for medical students interested in EM:


5 tips for new Social Media users

Takeaways from Dr. Cabrera: 

  1. Keep your online footprint professional;
  2. Connect with leaders in MedEd;
  3. Don’t forget the basics!
  4. Have discipline about your own curriculum;
  5. Be skeptical!; discuss with your mentors.

Dr. Cabrera and his wisdom during this episode have impressed us. Please check out below the full podcast audio! This is also available on Docquity.

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