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What is the Student Opportunity Database?

The ISAEM Student Opportunity Database (ISOD) is an initiative that helps medical students discover international Emergency Medicine (EM) observerships, as well as clinical and research opportunities, around the world.

Providing basic information to students regarding international EM opportunities will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences between countries where EM is thriving and those where it is just developing.

What are the goals of ISOD?

Our goal is to give international students the opportunity to visit an Emergency Department in a country other than their own. We hope such experiences will expand their knowledge of how EM is practiced around the world, while enhancing their ability to impact the development of this specialty at home. Additionally, through this project, we hope to:

  • Promote international collaboration between EM student organizations;
  • Help students enhance their education and training in EM;
  • Encourage students to develop and improve the practice of EM in their native countries;
  • Equip student to become future leaders in EM

How does ISOD work?

Initially, we will employ our international student network to collect basic information on potential EM observerships, as well as clinical and research opportunities around the world. We will post this information on our website so students can reach out to programs or schools that interest them. While we may be able to provide more support in the future, it is currently the student’s responsibility to fulfill each program’s requirements and arrange the details of any potential experience.

We need your help!

Any student interested in helping us collect information relevant to an EM opportunity (observership, clinical, or research experience) can contact us directly. Alternatively, you can complete the Google Form below. This information will be published on our website on a rolling basis.

Lastly, please share this post on social media or with local colleagues and programs.

Thank you!

The International Student Association of Emergency Medicine (ISAEM)


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