Are you an EM-bound medical student? Do you want to improve your basics and dive into the Emergency Medicine world? Or do you want to shine during your EM clinical rotation? You are then in the right place!

We want to make your life easier, so we put together an Emergency Medicine Resource Compendium for Medical Students. This is a list of resource suggestions that ranges from classic textbooks to free online resources in Emergency Medicine. 


We all know that Emergency Medicine is growing, but there are still several places around the world where medical students don’t even know what the specialty is. So it’s really important to understand how this amazing specialty works. We want you to know why “Emergency Medicine is the most interesting 15 minutes of every other specialty”. There are several resources available that will make you master the “physiology” behind an emergency physician!


Textbooks will give you the necessary background for a life in Emergency Medicine. So it is highly recommended by top EM educators to use them. Remember that it is very important to build your foundation knowledge (Do not forget the basics!). If you have to pick 1 resource, go with one of these!


Although less detailed, these pocket guides can help you to review topics focusing simply on diagnosis and treatment.


These are very useful for those visual learners. It has some really good pictures that help you for identifying injury patterns and how to master some importante procedures in the ED.


The Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed) world has some of the most amazing resources for medical students interested in Emergency Medicine. This is an excellent way to complement the foundation knowledge you will acquire through the textbooks. It’s also an alternative way of learning as many blogs provide interactive cases together with in-depth information about EM core topics.

Don’t forget to watch our podcast on “Online Tools for Medical Students Interested in Emergency Medicine”. The wisdom from Dr. Daniel Cabrera makes this a must-listen podcast for those of you interested in EM!

General Emergency Medicine Content – these websites have a broad range of resources for studying EM. We have selected the ones with more student-friendly information.

  • International Emergency Medicine (iEM) Education Project: this is one of the most amazing projects ever done when it comes to develop the specialty within the medical student level. This is pretty much an “online book” with a broad range of chapters written in a very student-friendly way.
    • It is an international, non-profit project, endorsed by International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) and supported by emergency medicine professionals from all around the world.
    • It aims to promote emergency medicine and provide free, reusable educational content for undergraduate medical trainees and educators.
  • Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (very important for those of you academically oriented)
  • CDEM M4 Curriculum (medical student-centered material)
  • EMBasic (lots of content geared towards medical students and interns)
  • EM in 5 (lots of content geared towards medical students and interns)
  • EM Fundamentals
  • Core EM
  • Life in the Fast Lane
  • First 10 EM
  • emDocs
  • WikiEM
  • CanadiEM
  • EMCrit (a bit more advanced for students but it has excellent content about Critical Care Emergency Medicine)
  • HQMedEd (short video presentations on a wide variety of EM topics)

Emergency Medicine Procedures

Electrocardiography (ECG)

Ultrasound (U/S)

General Radiology


Practice Questions

Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine – these websites have lots of discussions on the hot-new papers of the EM world. Their work is definitely cutting the knowledge translation window!

Popular Journals in Emergency Medicine – for those of you that prefer journals and peer reviewed publications.

So, this is our Compendium of resources for medical students interested in EM. We’ve tried to select the most student-friendly content! We really hope that this post make your life easier when organizing your Emergency Medicine studying.

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Editor: Lucas Oliveira J. e Silva