History of ISAEM


ISAEM was founded in Odense, Denmark in 2013 by two medical students, Larshan Perinpam and Anh-Nhi Thi Huynh who wanted to create an international network for medical students interested in emergency medicine. After attending several EM conferences and events, it was clear that the same international cooperation between EM physicians could be established for medical students across the world. 

Larshan, from Aarhus University Denmark, was elected as the first President of ISAEM and Anh-Nhi Thi Huynh, from the University of Southern Denmark,  was elected as the first vice-president for external affairs.

Since then our international project has continued to grow, engaging students from across the world with new projects and initiatives. 

Today our project includes:

15 Board Members on our Leadership Team

5 Advisory Board Members

3579 Facebook Followers

1401 Twitter Followers

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