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Dear colleagues,

If you are a medical student interested in emergency medicine, we invite you to join our growing global network. We are a team committed to promoting the development of interest and skills in emergency medicine among medical students internationally. 

By joining our mailing list as a medical student, you will become an ISAEM general member

You will:

  • Learn about upcoming EM events and conferences
  • Find out what your colleagues are working on abroad
  • Be the first to know about upcoming opportunities within ISAEM and our partner organizations
  • Receive regular updates about our organization’s projects from our Board
  • Be invited to attend ISAEM events and participate in ISAEM projects
  • Receive information about emerging research in international emergency medicine
  • Be given access to our Slack group (free App) to facilitate networking & collaboration
Grow your international EM network
Develop your professional interests and experiences
Explore new opportunities

We would be proud to call you a member of our team and look forward to working with you.


The ISAEM Executive Board

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