The Executive Board


The Executive Board is composed of 5 individuals. Each one elected on the General Assembly of ISAEM The board are elected for a two-year terms and are governed by the Constitution and Rules of Procedure of ISAEM..

The board has the responsibility to maintain and develop the association.EBU_Executive_Board_2013

The Board have meetings at least twice a year. The main functions of the Executive Board are to maintain and develop the association according to the constitution and Rules of procedure.

The Bord consist of 5 seats as following:

– President of ISAEM

– Vice-president of External Affairs

– Vice-president of Internal Affairs

– General secretary of ISAEM

– Treasurer

Task for each position of the Executive Board is described in the Rules of Procedure. To Read more about the task for The Executive Board download following document:

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 15.49.02  Task of The Executive Board (66 Kb)



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