Author: Marissa Lu 

Editors: Lucas Oliveira J. e Silva and Hélène Morakis

We are launching The ISAEM EMIGs Toolkit Project. This is meant to provide you with some ideas and resources on how to form and develop your own emergency medicine interest group (EMIG), as well as tips and suggestions passed on other established groups. We are looking for step-by step instructions on how to run workshops (both theoretical and practical activities) for students interested in EM. Find out more about our EMIG Toolkit Project.

To get the project started, we have decided to offer you some basics on setting up an Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)!

Basics in setting up an EMIG!

  • Organize a group of interested students: create a committee, select a lead, and assign tasks
  • Find a faculty advisor who is willing to lend support and guidance
  • Look for potential sources of funding
  • Go through process of getting EMIG officially recognized at the medical school
  • Set up regular meetings
  • Advertise meeting to interested students
  • Start gathering a list of EM residents/physician contacts for observership list
Ideas for programming


Always good to start with lectures different than the classic ones. Here are some examples:

  • What is Emergency Medicine?
  • Emergency Medicine Mindset
  • “Day in the life of an emergency physician”
  • Toxicology talk
  • ‘Beyond the emergency room’: Different types of practice
  • Rural EM
  • Disaster Medicine


  • Mixer with medical residents
  • Skills labs: splinting, wound care, casting, suturing
  • ECG workshop
  • POCUS ultrasound workshop
  • Airway workshop
  • Simulation
  • Wilderness First Aid course


  • In hospital
  • ECG ride outs


  • Residents
  • Staff