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Emergency medicine is one of the youngest medical specialties in the U.S., accepted into the house of medicine in 1979. Born out of the public’s growing need for emergency care, ours is the only specialty that serves anyone, anyplace, anytime – 24/7/365.

In 2011 the representative council of the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association (EMRA) passed a proposal to create a documentary to chronicle and celebrate the rich history of emergency medicine. EMRA, which represents the unified voice of emergency medicine physicians-in-training, has provided seed funding for the Legacy Initiative in an effort to preserve the specialty’s proud past.

The Legacy Initiative was conceived as a definitive way to archive the history of emergency medicine and the pioneering spirit of its founders; every specialty has a story to tell, and ours is no different. The project, which will culminate in a one-hour documentary, will feature interviews with the physicians who founded emergency medicine, interwoven with historical footage of emergency care spanning the last five decades. Legacy will explore the evolution of the specialty – as seen through the eyes of its heroes and visionaries – while examining some of the pressing issues faced by those currently in the field. View the trailer here.

There is no better time for this documentary than now. The heroes who founded our specialty are aging; if their stories are not captured and immortalized, they will be lost forever. Our story needs to be told; Legacy will play a key role in redefining how the specialty is regarded, and also will be a source of pride and education for current emergency physicians – and the emergency medicine residents and students who follow.

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